PG电子试玩平台 is committed to providing students, faculty and staff with access to its facilities and the technology and information they need to succeed in and out of the classroom, and that these resources are accessible in accordance with applicable law. 

This page contains resources for those who require accessible technology or who have questions about accessibility at the university. 

Accommodation Requests

If you encounter something that is not accessible, please send an email to accessibility@PG电子试玩平台 or submit a request at TUhelp.PG电子试玩平台

Students who need accommodations for coursework should contact Disability 资源 and Services.

For 教师 ​or Staff
教师 or staff who need accommodations should contact Deirdre Culbreath-Walton in 人力资源.

访问ors who need accommodations should contact the person, department or organization sponsoring the event.

Accessible Technology 

To help ensure the accessibility of information and technology, the university has launched an accessibility initiative. 欲知详情,请浏览 Accessible Technology 网站. 

政策, standards and guidelines

的 following links provide information on accessibility-related policies, standards and guidelines:

的y are also available on the policies section of the Accessible Technology 网站.

Assistive Technology

Disability 资源 and Services provides assessments, training and short-term equipment loans to students interested in assistive technology. 


Center for the Advancement of Teaching helps faculty and graduate students employ accessible methods while teaching and provides training and assistance to ensure that their use of classroom technology and course materials are accessible to all learners.

Teaching and Learning Center helps faculty and graduate students employ accessible methods while teaching.

Learning/Training Opportunities 

Computer Services offers free technology training to faculty, staff and current students. Training is designed for all user levels and covers a variety of accessibility topics.