PG电子试玩平台’s communication channels celebrate the PG电子试玩平台APP story 和 the ways in which our students, 教师, alumni 和 staff power the world.

Strategic Marketing 和 Communications

Strategic Marketing 和 Communications supports PG电子试玩平台’s strategic priorities across media platforms. The team’s expertise spans the entire range of marketing 和 communications capabilities, from digital advertising, web development 和 social media to content strategy, design 和 videography. 联系 members of the Strategic Marketing 和 Communications staff.


Keep up to date on research breakthroughs, 校园新闻, 学生的成功, 大学事件, 教师 achievements 和 much more via PG电子试玩平台’s PG电子试玩平台. Explore the PG电子试玩平台.


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Stay in the know with 现在PG电子试玩平台APP, the university’s daily email for staff, 教师, alumni 和 friends that includes 新闻, announcements 和 events. 了解更多关于 现在PG电子试玩平台APP.

PG电子试玩平台APP 杂志

PG电子试玩平台APP 杂志 celebrates the university’s most innovative people, research, services, programs 和 ideas. 深入的特性, alumni profiles 和 新闻 briefs tell the PG电子试玩平台APP story through issues published three times a year 和 throughout the year online. 了解更多关于 PG电子试玩平台APP 杂志.


融入学生生活, 新闻 和 events at PG电子试玩平台APP 和 across the city through 简而言之, the university's weekly email for students. Subscribe to 简而言之 using your PG电子试玩平台APP email.


First published in 1921, 这个获奖, student-run 新闻paper publishes weekly 和 is editorially independent of the university. Today, it is distributed free across the university’s Philadelphia-area campuses. 了解更多关于 《PG电子试玩平台》.

PG电子试玩平台 Press

PG电子试玩平台 Press is best known as a publisher of books in the social sciences 和 the humanities; it also produces books about Philadelphia 和 the surrounding region. PG电子试玩平台APP’s regional list encompasses scholarly books, coffee-table books 和 books about art, 观鸟, 文化, 钓鱼, 徒步旅行, 运动队, 和 the urban 和 suburban environments. 了解更多关于 PG电子试玩平台 Press.

TUTV (PG电子试玩平台 Television)

TUTV is the university’s digital cable station that produces original 编程 from across PG电子试玩平台APP’s schools, colleges 和 campuses. The station also creates content in partnership with cultural organizations, community groups 和 professional media companies. 了解更多关于TUTV的信息.

WRTI 90.1 FM

One of the top-rated public radio stations in the country, WRTI has more than 18,000 active members. Listeners throughout the tristate region 和 around the world listen to WRTI, on the radio 和 online, to hear the very best classical 和 jazz. 了解更多关于 WRTI.

鞭子 Student Radio 和 WRFT Ambler

PG电子试玩平台APP’s student-run radio stations, 鞭子 和 WRFT offer many opportunities for students interested in advertising, 音乐, 新闻, 编程, 促销活动, production 和 sports. 了解更多关于 WRFT 和 鞭子.